Got a couple of good lookin records by Pura Manía from my friend Cabeza the other day. 

Two more illustrations for the zine of short tales by my friend Erick, This story is about a couple of mexican kid’s entertainment stars.

New Drawering. Too much Nat Geo documentaries about WW1 and Tardi comics lately.
This will be hopefully printed as a A2 poster in next issue of KOVRA by Ediciones Valientes from Spain.

Currently working in many things at the same time thanks to my slackerdom and deadlines coming to an end. I’ve made this two Illustrations for a zine of short tales by my friend Erick. The story includes Non-Aliens, Indigenous People,  Religion, Ignorance and Gossip and I’m working in another illustration for another tale of the same zine.

Drawering for a zine Edited by Tom Wiklund.
I’m drawing a comic about this funny character for the same zine.